I fell in love with architecture as a young boy. There was something about the artful combination of materials that commanded my attention and stirred my imagination. Glass, steel and stone are the elements of so many traditional and modern architecture. They can be sculpted in such imaginative and beautiful ways that delight the senses. So it was an easy exercise for me to imagine more fanciful depictions of some of my favorite structures. I'm grateful to be able to share them with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Perched upon a hill draped in the morning sunlight. A new day is dawning at the Science Center at Amherst College. A structure that is deliberately in harmony with its surroundings.


A spire piercing through the early dusk sky at the UMass Amherst campus. A mix of traditional and modern architecture that illustrate the passage of time.


This Stockbridge Chime Tower entryway is reminiscent of the medieval period . A bold, mysterious, yet compelling gateway to the another dimension perhaps.

Lunar Reflection

The Trinity United Methodist Church at dusk looks like something out of a gothic novel. I find myself waiting for a werewolf to appear on the rooftop. Thankfully, it's just another tranquil evening at the church.


The Boston Harbor Hotel in a landmark. It has a commanding presence. On this particular day, is was a gateway to the light. A passage to hope and wonder. A reminder that good things are still possible in this world.

bell tower

Grace Episcopal Church in Amherst MA takes on a gothic air in this striking image. This image is a somber reminder that life can indeed be difficult even for the faithful. But the day will come when the bells will ring in a new day.