I love objects of all shapes and sizes. From planes, trains and automobiles to everything in between and beyond. The sky is the limit on this planet with so many amazing creations to see and enjoy. This collection represents some truly unique and visually stunning objects that inspired me to turn them into fine art creations. Take a moment to browse through this collection and I do hope that you find more than a few that bring back memories, stir your imagination - or both! Enjoy!


I know what you're thinking. Stephen Spielberg's "Christine" invariably comes to mind. This gloriously decked out vintage Mini Cooper is delightfully illuminated. Nothing to fear here.


A powerful locomotive piercing through the night. Or is it. Perhaps it's on a momentary break to soak in the dusk sky. Everything needs to rest once in a while, even objects.


This vintage warbird is on the ground. Perhaps refueling and giving its crew a much needed respite. Their solitude is only slightly disturbed by a passing allied bomber.

playing with fire

This gentleman restores old bronze statues. Part of the process involves literally burning away the weathered finish so that it can be carefully and faithfully restored to its original state. A rebirth of sorts.


The word Vida means "Life" in Spanish. This sculpture celebrates life through the joy of music. It soothes the soul and inspires us to do greater things. That is music to almost anyone's ears.

radio waves

Before television, families used to sit around the radio to tune into news and entertainment. It harks back to a time when family enjoyed things together.