Nature centers me. The elements dazzle my senses in such marvelous ways. Capturing moments in time on this Earth is indeed a privilege. I take great care in preserving the beauty that I line up and capture through my viewfinder with a little something extra added after the fact. Enjoy the intimacy and grandeur in this very special collection.


The highest peak in the Northeast. The weather can be brutal at 6,300' on most days. On this particular day, the sun bestowed its light upon us as we dined together in the Lakes of the Clouds hut. A communal experience with each other and with nature.

evening tide

After the tourists have departed, nature reclaims its rightful access to the shoreline. At dusk, everything seems to slow down. This day is drawing to a tranquil close as it nature seeks its own rejuvenation.


This rustic cottage on the coast of Maine is draped in the pastel magic of an Atlantic Ocean sunset. A man stands alone on his porch reflecting on the privilege of taking in a vista that so few can.


What are the chances of capturing a Canada Goose flying across our path at Ashely Reservoir in Holyoke? Pretty good as you can see here. We marveled at the graceful exit that this stunning creature made.


Nubble Light in York, ME is a landmark for tourists and photographers. This is a seldom seen and appreciated perspective showcasing the awesome beauty that this craggy coast has to offer.


A tranquil blanket of darkness ever so slowly creeps in over the landscape. Dusk is the time of day that part of the planet gradually spins down to rest and rejuvenate.