Invest in Museum Quality Prints

A great deal of care goes into each of my creations. Color, light, shadow and texture - they all all come together in profoundly beautiful ways. To bring this experience to life in the real world, I use museum quality printing and paper. My commitment to you is to share the images that I create using the best printing techniques available. It's an investment in fine art. The medium and large images are limited editions, signed, numbered with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. Each one is shipped from b3 Creative's studio in Massachusetts USA in a high quality rigid mailer. Packaging and shipping at additional cost.

A Word About Fine Art Paper

It's a painstaking process to capture and edit images that reproduce with exceptional depth and clarity. Selecting the right paper for my images is a critical part of the experience that I am creating for you. Metallic paper was hand selected to provide outstanding reproduction that will last for many years to come. I recommend this specific type of paper and it comes standard with the medium and large prints in my collection. I am confident that you will be impressed when you slide the paper out of the protective mailer for the first time and every time you look at it in your home or business. That's my commitment to you.

Three Sizes

I offer three sizes for all of my prints. I am limiting sizes to offer you the best viewing experience possible. This range provides superior results based on testing that I have conducted. The medium and large limited edition sizes bring out more detail and provide a more impactful delivery of the light, shadow and perspectives in my work. If space or cost are a consideration, the small size will still provide exceptional results.


Rendered on 11x17 archival and photo grade premium paper. Prints are carefully packed in rigid mailers.



Rendered on exquisite textured 17x22 metallic fine art paper. Prints are carefully packed in rigid mailers.



Rendered on exquisite textured 24x36 metallic fine art paper. Prints are carefully packed in rigid mailers.


Limited Editions

Every medium or large fine art print that comes from my studio is a limited edition. Each one is painstakingly created, edited, printed, inspected, signed, packed carefully and shipped to you. After all, this is an investment in fine art photography and I want the experience to be a financially rewarding one as well. You will get what you pay for. My name and reputation is on every piece that I create. Each Limited Edition will have a Certificate of Authenticity that will ensure that your work came from the artist who created it.

Personalized Fulfillment

The print fulfillment process at my studio is all hands on. I don't go through an online service. I work with a local printer who is exceptional at what he does. My process encompasses printing the image, inspecting it, signing my name, numbering the piece (for Special Editions only) and inserting it into a special mailer along with a Certificate of Authenticity and shipping it directly to you. All of my prints will be carefully inserted and shipped in highly durable, lined and reusable shipping containers. I researched and selected a product that is specifically designed for unframed fine art prints. All of this attention to detail translates into complete satisfaction once you receive, open and enjoy your print.

Exceptional Quality

b3 Creative was conceived to provide discerning fine art investors with a new genre of work that sets itself apart from the rest. Truly unique visuals that are thoughtfully conceived and shared with the world. I am obsessed with quality and you will see that commitment reflected in everything from the print itself to the packaging. You aren't paying for a print, you are investing in fine art. That's a b3 promise.

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