Commercial Photographic Work

I have a penchant for storytelling. As a business owner, it's a formidable task to build a customer experience that is impactful and enduring. Your brand (based oil your story) is indeed, your business. I would make it my business to help you tell it! My creativity can take the visual aspects of your brand experience to new heights. My focus is in high end fabrication (automotive, aircraft, motorcycles, etc...), architecture and objects (indoor and outdoor sculpture) as examples. There is not limit with respect to what I can capture and deliver to you in the powerful and unique style that I have cultivated.

Your brand and your story depends on deeply creative imagery and narrative. That's precisely what b3 Creative can deliver to you. Please take a moment to browse this collection and review my rates at your convenience. If you like what you see, let's have a conversation about your specific visual storytelling needs.

Wheels & Wings



Photographic Work for Staging

Here's an opportunity to invest in my photographic work for your home of business. Click here to learn more and to browse sample images. I would love to have a conversation about your requirements.