Bob Bernardara • Dreamer | Artist | Entrepreneur

Meet the Artist

Bob Bernardara is an American fine art and commercial photographer based in the foothills of Western Massachusetts. He is an artist first and foremost with an eye for beautiful elements in nature and objects of all shapes and sizes crafted by human hands.

In three short years, Bob has built a reputation among clients and peers for creative excellence with his new studio, b3 Creative. From the start, Bob wanted to create imagery that was bold, beautiful and inspiring. Black and white architecture fascinated him as he explored glass, steel and stone elements during his first year of photographic work.

In the years that followed, Bob explored the world of fine art photography and developed a deep connection to this genre. His creativity soared even higher with the fusion of fantasy and reality in his large format images. Public response to his work has been nothing short of amazing. In a relatively brief period of time, Bob has amassed a very supportive and appreciative following throughout New England and beyond.

One of the most striking attributes throughout Bob's work is colour – rich, deep, vibrant colour. His images are evocative, engaging and larger than life. They intentionally instill a sense of drama, intrigue and surprisingly, isolation. All of these attributes are thoughtfully and carefully combined to create a visual experience that is irrisitibly enticing and supremely delightful.

Bob's impassioned commitment moving forward is to maintain a relentless focus on a unique style, innovative techniques and attention to detail in his work. The inspiration to create comes from within. This photographic journey is above all else, a cathartic one for him. 

Being behind the lens represents an opportunity to capture special moments and ultimately craft them into sensational experiences for the eyes. After all, they are windows to the soul.

For specific information about my aspirations for 2022, refer to my Artist CV page.

“My cameras are an intrinsic extension of my artistic energy and focus.”