Bob Bernardara

Photographer | Writer | Storyteller

I have always appreciated beauty in my life. People, places and things that stir the imagination and delight the senses. I am the creative type going all the way back to my childhood with a penchant for pencil sketching. I felt the urge to create things using nothing but my own hands and my imagination. It felt so deeply satisfying.

After witnessing my brother's tragic death when I was 7, the need to create grew stronger. It was the only way to cope with the immeasurable loss and pain. In addition to art, I discovered creative writing in high school. My English teacher took me under her wing to cultivate this newfound talent. As fate would have it, I worked for a Fortune 500 company for 30 years which required me to use my technical writing skills. The creative side was placed on the back-burner. Until now...

b3 Creative represents me, Bob Bill Bernardara. The three b's or bcubed. I started this humble photographic and storytelling studio in the foothills of Western Massachusetts for one reason - to continue healing and to share my journey with others. This work is cathartic in so many ways. I'm creating new memories with each press of the shutter button. I'm creating and telling stories with rich imagery and compelling prose. I have invested so much emotional and intellectual energy into what I do. There is no turning back.

I hope that you will entrust me to help you tell your own story!