"The eyes are the window to the soul." As humans, we have the innate ability see the beauty and harshness in the world around us with profound clarity. And we are often deeply moved as a result.

“My Window” is a collection of images that have been painstakingly framed, captured and artistically enhanced to delight your senses and stir your soul. People, places and things are full of rich detail that is often etched in my retina. I am an artist after all and my passion is to capture and share what I see.

Take time to explore each image in this collection. Composition, color, light, shadow and texture all converge in a way that will fill the window to your soul with a sense of wonder. "My Window" is a visual oasis in this crazy, mixed-up journey we call – life.

• The Collection •


The beach is a pretty magical place. The sound of the surf, the salty air and the soft sand beneath your feet. As a young boy, these things take on greater significance. They fill the heart with a sense of adventure, wonder and excitement.

Family Chair

This chair is much more than a place for a lifeguard to watch over swimmers. It's a place where family memories have been made over the years. An anchor point when we visit and relax here. A familiar and inviting element that is part of us now.

Paint the Sky

This girl was running along the beach with her family. So excited to fly her kite on a beautiful summer evening. Nothing else seemed to matter. Her confidence grew as the kite continued to soar. For that moment, the sky was hers.


Like nature, life is all about traditions. We are born, we live and we ultimately, transition to another state. On this day, my son graduated from college. It was an arduous journey filled with joy and pain. Both helped him achieve the greatness he deserves.

Sitting Pretty

On this day, I was absorbed with my first attempt at a model photoshoot with cars and motorcycles. At the end of the day, this scene demanded my attention, So simple, so elegant and so reflective of the beauty that surrounds us.

Newport Magic

Newport is a very special place for my wife. She spent so much time there in her younger years. Now, we get to spend time together in this very same place. This scene unfolded during Christmas time and its nostaligic feel reminds us that beautiful moments do indeed happen.

Misty Moment

Hikes with my son are always special. Traversing Mount Washington in NH is especially close to my heart. When we arrived at our base camp, we were greeted with this bucolic scene. It reminded both of us why we were here. To respect and enjoy nature's gifts.

Perfect Pathway

Edith Wharton's home at the Mount in the Berkshires of Massachusetts is an incredible place to visit. The gardens are simply gorgeous with meticulously maintained grounds. This garden pathway represents the pinnacle of care that is shown here.


Cars, motorcycles and models. These things do not come come to mind in this image of course. This young lady and I took a moment to try something different. Something thought provoking and magical. Dreamy is a word that seems to describe this moment best.

Other Worldy

On a visit to the Apple Store on 5th Ave in NYC, these alien-like disks greeted us as we approached the store. They resembled a sea of saucers that just landed in the city. An an alien attack? Not quite. Some quite extraordinary seating for visitors.

The Race

This outdoor sculpture was shown at an orchard in Western Massachusetts. My interpretation is a race - the rat race that we all succumb to at one time or another. But why are we climbing over each other in such a rush. To what end?


The Veterans War Memorial Tower at Mt Greylock in North Adams, MA is a powerful monument honoring those who served. Their hearts were full of fear and uncertainty, but they pushed on. Fueled by the fire in their souls.

Midnight Train

A powerful locomotive is an incredible sight to behold. As a child, I played with my model railroad as often as I could. Dreaming of commanding a massively powerful machine into the night on an unforgettable adventure on the tracks.

Harbor Pride

If there's one place that truly represents the spirit of Boston, it's the Boston Harbor Hotel. The hotel's commanding arches are a gateway to the harbor. Our nation's flag is often proudly displayed adding to the iconic feel of this landmark.

Time Worn

Old warehouses are an incredibly rich visual experience with their faded brick, weathered wood, shattered windows and colorful graffiti. A cornucopia for the eyes and the imagination.

Valley Vista

Heublein Tower is an iconic fixture in the Farmington Valley of CT. With a commanding view of the valley below, this supremely beautiful landmark brings a great deal of joy to those who visit from near and far.

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