Everything changed

After my brother died

Not only was he gone

We moved away

From everything

My home

My friends

My school

This new place

Was foreign to me

It was also

Very close

To where my brother

Was killed

By a drunk driver

To this day

I still don’t understand

That decision

Perhaps my parents

Were seeking

Closure of sorts

But my mother

Sank deeper

Into the abyss

She became estranged

From family and friends

And I deeply

Resented her for that

We argued often

To no avail

When college came

I welcomed leaving

I could stand it

No longer

I built my own life

While she struggled

To maintain hers

I knew she loved me

But her way of showing it

Fell far short

She was full of pain

And I was full of resentment

I lacked the maturity

And the empathy

To even try

To make things right

I felt empty

Our relationship became

A one-way street

She always had a twinkle

In her eye

Whenever she saw me

Something I overlooked

Until it was too late