my vision

Photography has always been an interest, but it didn't take root until 2018 when I decided to explore a more artistic expression behind the lens and in front of the computer screen. I am passionate about creating beautiful imagery that delights and inspires through the interplay of light, shadow, texture, color and perspective. All the while... making the real, surreal.

With foto perfetta, I am presenting larger than life imagery that is bold, beautiful and inspiring. Everyday structures, objects and landscapes become dreamlike and enchanting. If the pieces in this collection spark your interest and ultimately drive you to invest in my work, I have accomplished my goal.

Bob Bernardara, Owner of b3 Creative

the concept (exhibition COMING IN 2022!)

Our lives are so perfectly imperfect. A bad hair day, forgetting something, tripping on a sidewalk and yet, we manage to find reasons to smile and feel joyful. It's the Yin/Yang of life. What if you could take a break from the rapidly spinning carousel of life to appreciate moments in time that you would otherwise overlook? A magical dusk sky, the dance of light and shadow on a surface, rich textures, vibrant colors and vivid detail. A visual feast that will prompt you to pause and appreciate the grandeur of the world around you. A foto perfetta (picture perfect) moment. I invite you to take several moments to leisurely browse this collection of structures, objects and dreamscapes. Immerse yourself in each one. Dream a little bit. Let your imagination run free!

the viewing experience

b3 Creative is exploring contemporary art galleries throughout New England to display a selection of the studio's fine art photography portfolio. The images will be rendered in a large format on a medium that will bring out the rich detail, color and shadow of each one. The images have their own unique QR codes with geotags. Each one will allow you to use your smartphone to reveal the image's precise location, display the original version and share my experiences capturing it. And best of all, you will see how my imagination works by comparing the original images to the thoughtfully enhanced, museum quality print versions! All while allowing you to stand back from the exhibit to enjoy the full visual perspective. There is so much exciting work to be done! Stay tuned for further developments!

Exhibition Mockup (Partial exhibit selection shown)

the collection

This stunning, larger than life collection represents my very best work. Each one was painstakingly captured and edited to create a visual feast. As you browse through the images, notice the light, shadow, detail, color and that little something extra. Try to imagine that you are the sole witness of something special unfolding before you. A moment in time that relatively few will have the opportunity to experience. Enjoy!

midnight trAIN

gps Coordinates: 42.130041, -72.746231

Use your smartphone camera to activate the QR code!

Autumn Reflection

gps Coordinates: 42.708091, -73.215298

Berkshire bEacon

gps Coordinates: 42.636945, -73.165575


undisclosed location. Under private ownership.


gps Coordinates: 42.356511, -71.050702

Urban Aliens

gps Coordinates: 40.763984, -73.972901

lunar reflection

gps Coordinates: 42.084839, -72.562328

Nubble Huddle

gps Coordinates: 43.167668, -70.594143

thank you

The world is indeed a harsh place at times and I sincerely hope that my work serves as a form of respite for you. This carefully curated collection is designed to instill a sense of wonder and in the end, investment in my work. I hope you enjoyed each image and I would be delighted to discuss investment-related questions or requests . Feel free to drop me a line at your convenience. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit this preview. Stay tuned for further details regarding specific venues and dates for the live exhibit.