The Concept

Remember when you were a child and the world was full of wonder and discovery? Nearly everything looked larger than life. People, places and things seemed to be more mystical and magical. The desire to explore, learn and appreciate the grandeur of life was part of the fabric of your existence. Moments in time gently pausing for your pleasure - picture perfect moments. When you were younger, your thoughts and feelings were far less tainted by the harshness of life. But what if you could capture that feeling of wonder once again? To be inspired, delighted and invigorated! That is precisely the aspiration of my gallery concept called "Foto Perfetta."

My Vision

Photography has always been an interest, but it didn't take root until 2018 when I decided to explore a more artistic expression behind the lens and in front of the computer screen. I am passionate about creating beautiful imagery that delights and inspires through the interplay of light, shadow, texture, color and perspective. All the while... making the real, surreal.

With foto perfetta, I am not attempting to recapture my youth, Rather, it is a genuine effort to fondly recall the innocence, sweetness and grandeur of things around us when we were younger. Even for only a brief moment in time.

Please refer to my Artist CV page for more info on my skills and experience.

Bob Bernardara, Owner of b3 Creative

The Viewing Experience

Standing there... looking up once again. At objects, structures and landscapes that seemed larger than life through your eyes as a child. My gallery images are rendered in a large format on a medium that will bring out the rich detail, color, depth and grandeur of each one. Use your smartphone's camera or QR code reader to access incredible before and after animations along with background info on each image.

Check out an example!

Exhibition Mockup (Partial exhibit selection shown)

The Collection

This stunning collection represents my very best work. Each image was painstakingly captured and edited to create a visual feast. As you browse through the images, notice the light, shadow, detail, color and that little something extra. Try to imagine that you are the sole witness of something larger than life unfolding before your eyes. Youth may fade as the years pass, but the the joy of experiencing beauty in the world is timeless. Enjoy!


Nassau Headquarters • Hartford, CT

midnight trAIN

CSX Train Engine • Westfield, MA

Berkshire bEacon

Veterans War Memorial Tower • Adams, MA

Urban Aliens

Outdoor Seating • 5th Ave Apple Store, NYC


Great River Bridge Clock Tower • Westfield, MA

Nubble Huddle

Nubble Light • York, ME

Twelve O'Clock High

B-29 Bomber Cockpit

vanquish the daylight

Trinity United Methodist Church in Springfield, MA

Top of the world

Lakes of the Clouds at Mt Washington • Large format panoramic print