Midnight Train

the backstory

I captured this image along the railroad tracks in the north end of town in Westfield, MA. It was a blustery afternoon, but the solitude was so very much appreciated. Walking up to this giant engine was awe-inspiring. Engines silent, yet unapologetically imposing, this massive creation demanded my full attention. And it received it. With one gentle press of the shutter button, this moment in time was captured for eternity.

And this brief encounter was only the beginning of my journey. Even as I captured this image, my imagination was conjuring up so many different incarnations of the original. The scene that resonated with me most is the one that you see below the original image. I wanted to depict a train in an area like the midwest on an open, desolate set of tracks leading to what would appear to be nowhere... Darkness falling, a weary train engineer taking a much needed break and perhaps soaking in the panoramic sunset while doing so. A moment of powerful solitude on the edge of darkness.

Original uncropped and unedited Image

darkness falls...

Now let's add some b3 magic!

Shoot Location

Railroad tracks in the North End of Westfield, MA If you plan on visiting the area, be VERY careful around train tacks!