Midnight Train

the backstory

Original uncropped and unedited Image

As a young boy, I loved trains to the extent that I constantly begged my parents for model railroad sets and accessories. I spent hours playing and dreaming of chugging off into the distance to a destination unknown. Fortunately, we had a major rail system running though the north end of town and I would be so eager to watch the trains with a seemingly endless string of cars glide by. It was a pretty awesome experience, every single time.

The track in these images is the same one that I used to watch trains pass over so many decades ago. Coming face to face with this CSX engine was awe-inspiring. A massive amount of steel designed to haul unimaginable loads over great distances. I felt that same excitement once again. A deeply appreciated deja vu.

Darkness Falls...

Now let's add some b3 magic!

Shoot Location

Railroad tracks in the North End of Westfield, MA If you plan on visiting the area, be VERY careful around train tacks!