The b3 Journey

My journey started in 2018 with a simple notion. To get behind the lens and have some fun. And so I did. It didn't take long to turn this rediscovered interest into a new career path. One that would transform my way of thinking about the work around me and to share my joy with others. From behind the lens...

Discovering the Passion

Fine art photography is central to my creative expression. It's a passionate pursuit. I started b3 Creative with a focus on black and white architecture photography. However, something was missing for me. Although I loved the simplicity and elegance of this genre, I longed for something more dramatic and engaging.


Having an Epiphany

Several months later, I had an epiphany. I was working on an image from a recent hike with my son to see Heublein Tower in Avon, CT. It was such a beautiful view of the Farmington Valley below. But something was missing. So I did my thing and added some drama and intrigue with hot air balloons. That's all it took to set me on a new path.


b3 Magic is Born

Energized by the new direction, I wanted to sprinkle in some drama and intrigue in my images to the point that they would almost certainly make people smile and open their eyes in wonder. It all come to fruition with this singularly unique and beautiful image from Newport, RI. A man walking his dog in the twilight hours of a cold, foggy December evening. Pure magic.


Creating an Experience

What makes b3 Creative unique? My creativity and innovation behind the lens and the computer. I sincerely want to share the beauty and grandeur that this world has to offer through my own eyes and my own creative touch. I hope you enjoy each carefully crafted image and if you'd like one created especially for you, let's have a conversation about it.