Leica Q-P and Sony a7 RIVa

My Paintbrushes

Photography is truly an artform. It involves so much creative energy to seek out opportunities, thoughtfully frame, capture, edit and in many cases, bring each one to life in print. The world around me is my canvas and my paintbrushes are my cameras. They represent the physical connection between what I see and what I capture. Selecting the best tools for my work is an evolving process. Digital camera technology continues to advance at a blistering pace.

I have found two camera brands in particular, that satisfy my exacting needs. Leica and Sony give me the ability to capture amazing detail, render vivid colors, light, shadow and textures in a small, lightweight package. The feel of each camera body in my hand is so important when working in the field. They are literally an extension of my physical self if that makes any sense.

Of course, the most important aspect of all of this is - the end product. The images that I capture, edit and ultimately, share. I hope you enjoy the images that started their journey at b3 Creative through the viewfinder.