B-29 Superfortress • Vintage Series

The photos in this collection were captured a few years ago on a trip with Bob’s son to a local airshow. This B 29 Superfortress was the centerpiece of the event. They experienced a full-blown tour of the aircraft and its history. These images honor the pilots and crew who courageously flew these amazing machines. As you can see, this isn’t the typical tonality that Bob uses in most of his work. He set out to create a vintage film camera look and feel that is more In step with the time period that these aircraft saw action in WWII.

We hope you enjoyed viewing these images as much as Bob did creating them. Although he has a preferred style, he is always receptive to experimenting, especially for comissioned work. If you have specific requirements for commercial or private work and would like to commission his services, she encourages you to have a conversation with him at your convenience. Thank you!