My work is unconventional. It's a genre that's difficult to pin down. One part reality, another part whimsy. Together, they create a visual experience that is unexpected, yet somehow instinctively understood and appreciated. Light, shadow and perspective are key elements of my imagery. They collectively create a mood that is calming, yet inspiring. My body of work spans structures, objects and landscapes. All three are so captivating from my perspective. A mix of unique human-made elements and nature's power and grandeur. My intent is to make you pause, gaze and wonder without even realizing it. To appreciate the beauty around us while basking in its serenity. Enjoy the experience!


A source of illumination. It creates a pathway to a destination. It pierces through the darkness. It creates hope. Light is an integral part of the mood that I create in my body of work. It provides the energy and the focal point for each image. I spend considerable time playing with light sources to draw attention to specific elements. This in turn, allows me to draw your attention to what matters most in each image. To help you quickly gaze and then absorb each moment in time.


Unlike light, shadow makes you work more to understand what is going on. You have to more carefully discern what's going on in the more subdued sections of an image. It's a contrast that is very intentional. Think of darkness as a companion to light. It's a complex, yet harmonic interplay that creates a calming effect in nearly all of my images.


Light and shadow set the stage for the tonality of my imagery. Perspective invites you to follow leading lines of human and nature-crafted elements to what I call a "resting place." A specific area in each image that helps you understand its intricacy and beauty without working hard to do so. It's a gently guided tour to the center and subsequently the surrounding areas of each painstakingly crafted image. The journey is absolutely the reward when viewing my work this way.