The Artist

Creating things. That's what gives me the greatest level of personal satisfaction. As a professional photographer, I have the ability to see things that few take time to notice. Then I transform them into stunning slices of every day life. This is equally true for my commercial and fine art photography work. Both give me extensive latitude to be creative.

My 30 plus years of corporate business, marketing and design experience all come to bear in this tiny, but mighty studio nestled in the foothills of Western Massachusetts.

Dreamer, entrepreneur and visionary. These hats have served me well throughout my life and now I am truly excited to let them loose here. My commitment is to delight and inspire you with my work. The proof is in the visuals so please... take a look around and drop me a line if you have a commercial or fine are photography question or request.


the car

Some things are definitely worth waiting for. In this case,. my 2006 BMW Z4 coupe. I saw this beast unveiled at the NewYork Auto Show in early 2006. From that moment on, I knew I had to have it. Five months later, I sat behind the wheel with a grin from ear to ear. Then... pedal to the metal and the rest is history. I love cars. There, I said it!