This month's story

There are three mountains in New England that are very close to my heart. Mount Greylock is one of them. The other two will be covered in future stories. The Veterans War Memorial Tower stands tall at the summit and it graces the natural surroundings with its unparalleled strength and beauty. The American spirit is alive and well here in tribute to the fallen.

Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to visit the summit and it was a breathtaking weather day with blue skies, a light breeze and an amazing sunset forming before my eyes. A perfect setting for a photographer like myself.

When I walk around this very special memorial, I am always impressed with it's commanding presence. On this day, I wanted to capture a view that few visitors consider. I walked down the slope overlooking the valley below and turned my back to it to view what you see here. I absolutely love this perspective and when I got back to my studio, the possibilities were raging through my head and what you see on the home page is the end result.

My goal was to grace this structure with a fiery sunset on the edge of darkness. To assure all who see her that she will remain strong and true through daylight and darkness.

Veterans War Memorial Tower (Unedited image)