I love to create unique things that stir the imagination and tug at the heart and soul. Fine art photography is central to my creative expression. It's a passionate pursuit. I started b3 Creative with a focus on black and white architecture photography and I enjoyed that adventure a great deal. However, something was missing for me. Although I loved the simplicity and elegance of this genre, I longed for something more dramatic and engaging.

Fast forward two years and what you see on this site is the product of an evolution. From the beginning, I loved using a fixed lens camera to get up close to capture the detail and the relatively steep perspective. Then step way back and take it all in - like a grand vista. That spirit is still alive in my current work. Rich with detail, color, light and shadow. That's what makes my images a unique and very person creative expression. I also layer my work often to add drama and intrigue. Birds, the sun, the moon, the stars and other natural elements are often thoughtfully added to embellish an already powerful image.

So what precisely is the b3 difference? It's everything that I noted above with a focus on structures, objects and what I call, dreamscapes. I live for romanticizing what I capture to the point that it will almost certainly make you smile and open your eyes in wonder. I consider it "augmentation" of sorts. Adding a few very carefully considered elements, tweaking the color, texture and light to produce an image that is powerful and moving. A bit larger than life.

That's the b3 difference. It's my brand, my passion and my creative direction for years to come. I sincerely want to share the beauty and grandeur that this world has to offer through my own eyes and my own creative touch. I hope you enjoy each carefully crafted image and if you'd like one created especially for you, let's have a conversation about it.