Artificial Intelligence and My Work

For me, photography is a deeply personal expression of my creativity. I thoughtfully craft each image to tell a compelling story, yet faithfully reflect the essence of what I have captured. In the end, I want complete control over my own work with minimal outside influences.

Enter the world of AI. This technology is based on an advanced algorithm's ability to scour the Internet to collect images (from photographers like me and others) that are based on someone typing in a request such as "Tiger in the high grass staring at me during sunset" as an example. AI will subsequently go out and find images of a tiger, tall grass, sunsets, etc... to create a combined visual that best matches the user's request. It's that simple. And yes, the technology has evolved to the extent that a visual will get generated that is extremely difficult to distinguish from an actual photograph.

This technology creates a dilemma for commercial photographers in particular, Clients no longer need to incur the cost and wait times associated with the human element, AI can do it faster, cheaper and with similar results (in most cases).

With respect to my work in particular, I am first and foremost an artist and a writer. I deliberately and creatively combine the two in my work at b3 Creative. The benefit to my customers is a body of work that is intrinsically... human. Full of passion and emotion. Every pixel and text element poured over with deliberate and fervent intent.

The only place for AI in my body of work is during the editing process. I may use it to scale up a well-composed image that happens to be too low in resolution or remove extraneous elements that detract from an image. That's it. Everything else is human-crafted (light, shadow, texture, tonality, etc...). I want my fingerprints to be figuratively all over my work, not some soulless bits and bytes,

The world of AI in photography is changing rapidly. One thing that will not change is my commitment to infuse the human element in all aspects of my work. That is my commitment to the industry and to my clients.