My Creative Journey

My creative journey is a profound one marked with joy and sadness. Both motivate me in different ways. Both make me a stronger person now than I was over half a century ago. This stage of my life affords me the opportunity to pursue a craft that is endlessly satisfying and joyful. Please take a moment to see what I bring to the table as a professional fine art photographer. I think you will be very pleased.


Since I was a teenager, writing afforded me the opportunity to create truly captivating stories about so many aspects of life. To be able use my words to connect with others is truly profound and beautiful.

creative writing


I love creating beautiful things - on paper and online. I've mastered web and print design over the years to much acclaim throughout my career. These skills represent the core of what b3 Creative is able to achieve creatively.

Digital and print design


Public speaking, writing and designing all converge to create experiences that are beautiful, thought provoking and emotionally charged. I seek out ways to make deep connections with my audiences that are enduring.

sharing experiences with others


Over a half century of experiences are on tap when I get behind the lens and the computer. The passion is deep and the creativity is endless. I have found my groove at 58 and I am loving every minute of it.

joy behind the lens