Automobiles and cameras. I must confess that I have a relentless fascination with both. A passionate pursuit to be more precise. Both bring me immense joy and I am very grateful for that. It's not often when "work" isn't really work - especially when I am doing something that I absolutely love.

Photography is a relatively new pursuit for me. I have been immersed in this world for about four years now. After 30 years in the Corporate America, I was looking for something different and more fulfilling. I quickly discovered that photography helped me have a greater appreciation of the finer details in life. Framing up people, places and things in my viewfinder helped me pause and appreciate moments that would otherwise escape my attention. The added bonus? People seem to love what I do. How wonderful is that?

It is no secret in my circles that I also love automobiles. I have since I was a young boy. I bought my first sports car in 1978 - a 1973 Javelin AMX. It was and still is, an outlier in the automotive world. But is was special to me and I had the privilege of owning it for 40 years. I now own a 2006 BMW Z4 Coupe. A very different kind of car and one that reminds me of the classic sports coupes of yesteryear.

As an avid auto enthusiast, I frequent events that feature some of the finest automobiles in the world. The Jaguar E-Type in the image above is one of my favorite classic coupes of all time. This one in particular is impeccably restored and respectfully enhanced by Dean Cusano of Motorcars Incorporated in Plainville, CT. A true joy to behold, especially behind the lens.

Cars and photography, two passionate pursuits that came together for me in a big way. The artful combination of glass, steel and rubber was simply too irresistible to ignore. So I let these two love affairs of mine come together and the results have been extremely satisfying and well-received by prospects, clients and peers. This genre of photography has become part of my brand and I work hard at creating finely crafted print works for auto enthusiasts and the general public.

I am so excited to be on this path. My wish is to work with individuals and companies in the automotive industry to help them tell their stories about very special vehicles and their passionate owners/drivers. Please feel free to check in on my progress over the next several months and years. I will be posting updates here and I will of course, be sharing some truly remarkable stories and imagery on my site.

Be well!