It's been a two year journey. That first new camera, a brand new Sony A7III with a 16-35mm lens. My last camera was purchased 10 years ago for my 50th birthday. A Canon EOS 7D with some hot Canon glass. It was the bomb. Then I forgot one thing... I had zero time to use it with a full time job and active teens. So, it sat in its beautiful leather bag for eternity.

Now here I am again. Saddled up with new gear in addition to the Sony. My studio which has been a labor of love, is complete. I have the tools. I've also been out and about for 2 straight years capturing everything imaginable through my carousel of glass including my smartphone (the camera that's always with me). It's so satisfying to see the progression throughout my work. Refinements, so many of them along the way. Trial and error are my two best friends by the way. They helped me understand what worked and what didn't when it came to searching out locations, time of year, time of day, framing and so much more.

My style has changed dramatically too. I start capturing just about anything I could focus on. Then I decided that architecture would be my sweet spot and it was for a time. Steep angles, close proximity - all in glorious black and white. I loved scouting out locations and finding some amazing structures. I would delight in the interplay between light and shadows. So much drama to capture!

Somewhere along the way recently, I discovered the uniqueness of mixing some what I call, "whimsical" elements into my photography. It started with different effects in LightRoom then progressed to the stage that I felt bold enough to actually alter the image. Bend reality if you will. And I was hooked... What you see on my site today represents my current creative pursuit. The Art of Imagination!

Im' really excited about this new and relatively unfamiliar road that I am on and I hope folks will come along for the ride! The response so far has been off the charts. I seem to be hitting the sweet spot with the mix of techniques that I conjured up. So, I will keep this special sauce oil the burner every time I pull an image of one of my cameras and load it up onto my computers. This is where magic happens. Come along for the ride. I think you'll be glad you did. :)