We live in the digital age. Everything it seems, is presented to us on smartphones, tablets and computer screens. Don't get me wrong, the power of digital media is unquestionable. Millions of beautiful images and video to peruse at your leisure. Something unimaginable just over a decade ago.

That's precisely why I miss the tactical experience of physical media. Vinyl records. A CD and yes, paper. Paper is pretty much considered a legacy medium. One reserved for all but the most arcane uses such as legal documents, bank statements and the like. That may be true, but there are so many wonderful uses for paper still...

Photography as an example. Looking at a hi-res photo on screen is glorious. Especially with today's technology. So why even think of paper? Well, one main reason. It's an experience. Paper is a medium that you can see, touch and even smell. It draws you in using nearly all of your senses.

I put off the creation of a print portfolio for 2 years. I thought it was a secondary consideration to be honest. Something that I would use as a backup to my growing digital repository. It's hard to think about print when you're too busy updating Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and web pages. But I did think... I wondered in the back of my mind how my work would look on something that I could actually put my hands on.

So here I am. One month's worth of research, design, printing and assembly behind me. What do I have to show for it. A finely crafted presentation box with a drop lid containing eight exquisitely printed pieces separated by museum grade tissue paper. The experience of opening the box carefully, and thumbing through 17x22 prints with cotton gloves is nothing short of phenomenal. This medium legitimized my work - literally. It's easy to create a digital file and much more challenging to ensure that it looks stunning in a large format printed piece.

To say that I'm ecstatic is an understatement. Completing this leg of my creative journey inspires me to do even greater things with my work. Like sharing it with the world in a way that I thought was lost forever. Thankfully for me, it isn't.