The Art of Imagination

I am an artistic photographer rather than a technical one. I capture images by feel. When I'm behind the lens, it feels like a canvas and I let my creative instincts guide my actions. Composition is foremost on my mind. It's the foundation of a deeply meaningful image capture. I want to respect the reality of what I see through the viewfinder. That's the first part of what I do.

Then I sit in my studio and dream about the possibilities for each carefully captured and curated image. I begin to explore the endless nuances that can take each one to the next level. The result is a “larger than life” interpretation of the original structure, object or natural element. It's a purposeful and thoughtful transformation that if done well, will challenge your assumptions about the boundaries between reality and what I fondly call, "whimsy."

So if you're interested in a very special kind of fine art photography that will most certainly differentiate you from your competition, I'm your guy. I live and breathe to be behind the lens and the computer screen to come up with some truly insane concepts. In the crowded, media rich world that we live in, working with me will give you the boost you need to stand out in the crowd - in style.

Bob Bernardara| b3 Creative Owner

Where the Magic Happens

Welcome to my studio! After my photo shoots, this is where I perform all of my edits (the magic) using state of the art technology. I do a fair amount of dreaming in this space as well. It's a wonderful spacer to work, listen to music and play my guitar. Pursuits that I am very passionate about. Oh and that sign above the window? That was my first business back in 1985. Desktop Solutions focused on the desktop publishing boom of the 80s and 90s. I had a blast and learned a lot. That and 30 years of corporate experience have prepared me to take another run at being my own boss. Loving now as much as I did back then!